Decision Point Consulting, Inc.

Care at the Crossroads of Life
Serving families in the Greater St. Louis area since 1998.


Sooner or later we all reach a crossroads in life... that point when we or family or friends face difficult decisions brought on by life-changing health, mental health or aging problems.

There are so many important issues that will be encountered beyond the scope of legal, financial or even medical advice.  So where do you go for help?

What We Do

Our team of a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and trained staff assists individuals and families, organizations, and other professionals with the frequently overwhelming needs of family or clients with aging, physical illness, mental illness, or disability issues.

Our staff is focused on helping clients make informed decisions and giving them peace of mind during times of crisis by helping them

  • Work through the crisis,
  • Lower their stress levels,
  • Lighten the burden of doubt and guilt, and
  • Plan and carry out the best way for clients to live everyday life.

Our Mission

Decision Point Consulting, Inc.'s primary mission is to ease the burden of our clients who are coping with physical and mental conditions that impact their quality of life.

We accomplish this through the development of a variety of care plans.  When difficult situations arise, our clients implement the care plans, which allow them to make more rational, less reactive decisions.

Thus, the situation becomes a decision point, not a crisis point.

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